Wigan Flight closed for a day

Boats lined up waiting to use the Wigan flight on the morning of July5th didn’t get started as it there was something wrong with a gate on the top lock.

No stoppage notice was posted by BW North West so official details are not known but the 6 boats waiting at the bottom lock were informed verbally about the problem and it was suggested it could take ‘an hour or a day’ to fix. As it turned out, the gate was fixed late afternoon on the same day and the flight re-opened at 0900 hours the next morning.

The Wigan flight is subject to a water saving procedure – boats wishing to enter the flight on a particular day should assemble ready for a 1000 hour start. That way the most efficient use of water for the day is ensured as the optimum number of boats will be paired up whilst boats going up and down will pass enroute.

Well done to BW for getting this problem quickly sorted.

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