Walliams' impressive Thames Swim

Yesterday we were moored up at Lechade having just celebrated our completion of the Saul to Lechlade Centennial cruise via the Severn Estuary in support of the Cotswold Canal Trust. At around 7:45 am David Walliams passed within feet of our starboard hatch swimming on his way towards Westminster raising money for Sport Relief.

A couple of hours later we set off in the same direction and passed him near Radcot Lock where he had taken a break to change into a wetsuit as he was showing signs of hypothermia.

Seven hours later, he passed us at Newbridge where we had moored up for the night because the wind was so strong. David, took a break just below us for a hot drink and around 15 minutes later he was back in again heading towards Oxford. We understand that he managed 18 miles, just a couple short of his target. 

Today, I understand he is heading for Abingdon. That was our plan too but in this wind we are staying put – David, the fact that you were in the water again before 0730 is a credit to you! You’ve earned at least one generous donation from me!

A few photos for the record: http://tinyurl.com/3nst5m5




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