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What You Can Do

Volunteers add value to British Waterways in an amazing number of ways and this is only going to increase. There is more to volunteering on our waterways then picking up litter and restoring locks, read below for a flavour of opportunities with British Waterways.

Tasks generally break down into the following areas:

* Interpretation and promotion tasks Interpretation and Promotion tasks – these could be leading and assisting with schools visits (on site and in the classroom); carrying out oral history recording and research; organising events such as guided walks and giving public talks; leading or assisting with design and development of interpretation leaflets.

Practical tasks

* Practical tasks – this could be hedge-laying, installing a sign, clearing vegetation, picking litter, creating habitats for wildlife such as bat boxes or otter holts; improving access points, doing archaeological digs; and helping with major and minor waterways restorations tasks.

* Recording and monitoring tasks Recording and Monitoring tasks – this could be photographing the waterways heritage and creating written descriptions; helping with inspections; monitoring newt or bat activities as part of biodiversity monitoring programmes.

* Customer Service tasks – for example towpath rangers, assistance at lock flights, management of on site attractions (museums, cafes, information points etc.).

* Project Management and Administrative tasks – that people undertake to make things happen.

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