Union Appalled By Bonus Payments To British Waterways Management

Union members working at British Waterways, who received a pay award of between £100-200 pounds in 2011 instead of a pay rise, are feeling let down after receiving the news that BW directors have awarded themselves thousands of pounds in bonuses.

The British Waterways Chief Executive, Robin Evans will receive a £15,000 bonus payment, on top of his £222,000 annual salary, while other directors will all receive a £12,500 lump sum payment.

Julia Long, Unite national officer, said: “The announcement that British Waterways is to award directors bonuses worth more than the annual salary of some of our members shows nothing but contempt for the workforce.

“We call on British Waterways management to urgently reconsider its decision which has alienated the workers and to use this money much more productively.

“The government has reduced the amount of money provided to British Waterways over the next five years, which we believe is not enough to sustain any growth. To use this money to award massive bonuses payments to management simply beggars belief.”

via Unite Members Appalled By Bonus Payments To British Waterways Management : UK Construction News.

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