RBOA Produces a Paper on Continuous Cruising

The Residential Boat Owners Association has produced a paper on continuous cruising, covering the current debate on overstaying.

The paper also discusses a wider view of the issues including various mooring options and also substantiates the position of those who undertake continuous cruising legally and responsibly.

RBOA proposes that:

  1. CRT should give greater consideration to new applications for continuous cruising licences possibly with a requirement to maintain a simple pro-forma log.
  2. CRT should progress minimum serviced, low cost, residential moorings in suitable locations.
  3. CRT should continue their efforts to encourage all marinas to include a percentage of residential moorings.
  4. Linked to above items 2 and 3,  CRT should ensure that residential boaters are aware of their rights to obtain housing benefits towards mooring fees and licences where appropriate, even if they don’t have a formal residential mooring.
  5. RBOA to continue campaigning for a more reasonable approach towards payment of Council Tax through a lower band or conglomerate valuation of a length of moorings.
  6. CRT to consider a local mooring permit for specific locations to encourage progressive journeys even if they are only over a relatively small area between designated moorings.
  7. Improved enforcement – If a range of cruising or mooring options is offered, CRT could focus enforcement on those who blatantly refuse to comply. Peer pressure may have some influence if alternative options are available.
  8. RBOA to work with CRT in encouraging local authorities to look favourably on residential moorings.
  9. RBOA to consider ways of increasing promotion and support for the interests of those who choose to continuously cruise in a legitimate and responsible way.

2 comments to RBOA Produces a Paper on Continuous Cruising

  • moose

    Read the above and wonder WHY should CRT inform people of the rights to benefits? nothing to do with CRT, Housing Assoc do not have to so why CRT?

    Now is CRT waterways charity or a Housing Charity? Its not up to Marina's if they want rsidentials but the Local Council can say yes or no.

    You will fighting a lost cause regarding Council Tax, Local Gvt will be trying there hardest to get in as much money as possible in 2013. Don't they only get charged at Band A which is the lowest?

    I have visited smaller flats than a lot of boats a studio flat no bedroom just make the bed at night, as I say lost cause.

    Why should local authorities look favourable on Residential moorings especailly when you are saying lets reduce the Council Tax?? The biggest problem comes if that person needs to be rehomed say lived on his/her boat 4 years as a residential then has a accident and needs to go in a house, the local council have o pick it up, hence they are not happy about residentials.

  • moose

    The other thing that this list of wants has not taken into consideration is some/ most will not want to pay, the moorings will never be were they want. I have no problem with Boat owners but I do with people who own a boat.

    No doubt people will not want to see comments like this, but Local Councils are in for one big shake up, starting 2013, and Council Tax will be taking a very large hit.

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