Navigation route to be restored after deal

Monday 18th October 2010

The Worcester News reports that:

HOLIDAYMAKERS will be able to enjoy a 21-mile cruising ring around Worcestershire’s waterways after a missing piece of land needed for the project was finally secured.

Acquiring the missing link will enable workers to reconnect the Barge and Junction canals in Droitwich, a navigation route that was officially abandoned in 1939.

The work is part of the ambitious Droitwich Canals Restoration project, which aims to restore 12km (7.4 miles) of waterway linking the Droitwich Canals to the Worcester to Birmingham Canal and to the river Severn at Hawford to create the new cruising ring.

British Waterways plans to start work on Monday to convert a stretch of the river Salwarpe along Hanbury Road into the final link of the canal. Wychavon District Council leader Councillor Paul Middlebrough said: “This is fabulous news for the Droitwich Canals Partnership and the people and businesses of Droitwich.

“Securing this land means that the canals can be fully opened in 2011 and will enable the 21-mile cruising ring to become a reality.”

Jason Leach, senior regeneration manager for British Waterways, said: “It’s great to finally get work under way on the missing link.

“Thanks go to landowners Sunbury Engineering and Droitwich Garage, who are allowing our contractor to utilise their land as a works compound at no cost and have donated parts of their land to the council to ensure the project can go ahead.”

via Navigation route to be restored after deal (From Worcester News).

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