Rochdale Canal could run out of water

Date published: 30/06/2010

Pennine Waterways News has today (Wednesday 30 June 2010) reported that the Rochdale Canal could run out of water in August unless there is significant rainfall before then.

They have reported that a warning has been issued from British Waterways’ Manchester and Pennine area manager David Baldacchino.

As the North West experiences the driest period since the 1920s, the continuing dry weather means that water supplies to the Rochdale Canal summit are looking increasingly uncertain.

British Waterways also learnt this week that one of their major feeds has been stopped.

Mr Baldacchino warned that without significant rainfall soon, it looks likely that the water supply to the summit area will run out some time in mid August.

British Waterways (BW) may soon be forced to suspend navigation across the summit and other parts of the canal until water supplies have been replenished.

Therefore BW has stopped taking bookings for summit passages from mid August. They are also contacting people who have bookings in the period leading up to that time to discuss options with them.

Also, and with immediate effect, BW is asking boaters using Tuel Deep Lock in Sowerby Bridge to wait and share the lock with another boat, with the lock keeper at the site controlling this.

Mr Baldacchino added that British Waterways will do its best to keep the canal open for as long as possible.

BW is hopeful that the water-based activities that will be part of the Rochdale Canal Festival at the end of July and beginning of August will not be affected, although no promises can be made.

via Pennine Waterway News

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