Llangollen – £15m marina plan at former chemical works

25 October 2010 |

Published by: Claire Gallagher, Wrexham & Flintshire News

The plans for a £15m marina in Cefn are continuing to gather support.

Dave Metcalfe, group leader of the Plas Kynaston Canal and Marina Group, said he was “amazed” by the response so far.

Mr Metcalfe said Wrexham Council was looking to put £10,000 towards a feasibility study.

British Waterways, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Rural Development Fund are set to foot the rest of the bill for the study, which in total could amount to about £40,000.

In June Mr Metcalfe announced the idea to extend the Llangollen canal and to build a marina for 60 boats on the site of the former Flexsys factory.

Since then the group has been gathering public and political support and a 2000-strong petition was handed into the council last month.

Mr Metcalfe said: “I think the feasibility study is the best news we have had.

“It’s a positive step and it’s a good indicator that an official body has recognised the work we are doing.

“Everybody who looks at the plans can see their worth.”

Another group member Yvonne Pryce said: “I was brought up in Cefn and I couldn’t breathe because of the chemicals from Air Products, Monsanto and the brickworks.

“This is an opportunity to release the natural beauty of the village and call on the traditional and historical heritage.”

In August, 2011 the Welsh Assembly will consider whether the marina plans can form part of the Local Development Plan (LDP) for Wrexham.

The Plas Kynaston Canal and Marina Group, which consists of about 12 people, has gained support from politicians and the public and members now hope to set up a meeting in December consisting of representatives from the council, Welsh Assembly, Chamber of Commerce, Cadw and other interested bodies.

The proposal could take many years to come to fruition as the former Flexsys site is still owned by Solutia and the company may not vacate until 2013.

– Cefn Mawr and District Heritage Group is holding an open event at the Ebeneezer Centre in partnership with Dee Valley Community Partnership between 10am and 2pm on Saturday, November 20.

There will also be a public consultation between November 17 and 19 into proposals for the second phase of the Cefn Mawr Townscape Heritage Initiative.

via The Leader – News from Wrexham & Flintshire – Boost for £15m marina plan at former chemical works.

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