Huge London Gateway Project Moves Ahead

Dredging Today reports:

The London Gateway Project is one of the capitals largest construction sites on the former Shell Haven refinery near Stanford Le Hope. With a 1.5bn investment the site is being reclaimed and developed by DP World into the first major deep sea container port.Large scale land reclamation work is needed to build the new port with over 30M of sand being dredged from the channel allowing access to large ships.

The existing 10m deep channel is being expanded to depths of 17m and the new dock will be created by using the dredged material as fill.

Geotechnics Ltd is providing and installing soil monitoring equipment to allow management of the filling and reclamation work. It is being undertaken in two main phases as land becomes available.

The site, based on the banks of the River Thames, is underlain by a significant thickness of alluvium. The organic material is highly compressible so substantial settlement is expected following reclamation.

A total of 211 boreholes are being drilled to depths of up to 18m below existing ground level ……

….for more technical detail see Dredging Today – UK: London Gateway Project Moves Ahead.

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