Flood Control projects may be devolved to local authorities

DEFRA launched a public consultation on 24 November seeking views on how capital funding should be allocated to individual projects in the future. Subject to final decisions in the spring, the new approach could apply to all projects seeking funds to begin construction from April 2012 onwards.

The proposed approach would mark a departure from the existing system in that the Environment Agency would no longer decide the list of projects that go ahead, and which others need to be deferred as a result of annual limits in Government funding. Instead such decisions in most cases would be devolved to local authorities acting collectively as part of Regional Flood Defence Committees (to become Regional Flood and Coastal Committees under the Flood and Water Management Act). The approach also rewards public bodies and communities if they find ways of keeping project costs down, as well as if they can find additional local funding to come forward. In doing so, each community at risk could have a bigger say in which projects go ahead over time.

Whichever means of capital allocation is adopted, DEFRA expects that improved standards of protection will be delivered to 145,000 households by March 2015.

via Flood Control: 6 Dec 2010: Written answers and statements (TheyWorkForYou.com).

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