Flexible Working hours for CRT Bank staff

Canal & River Trust bank staff have given a resounding vote in favour of new flexible working hours. 88% of union members supported the introduction of ‘annualised hours’ which will see customer services teams working longer hours in the Summer, when the waterways are busiest, and construction teams working longer in the Winter, when the majority of repairs are carried out.

Operations director Vince Moran welcomed the vote saying: “This is an important move for the Trust and I have been really pleased by the positive way our workforce and the unions have embraced the changes. The strength of support they have shown underlines their deep commitment to the historic waterways in our care. Annualised hours will mean a better service for our customers and visitors, and greater efficiencies in how we care for the waterways.”

Jane Ellis from Unison and Phil Allman from Unite, jointly commented: “The trade unions recognise that both parties have moved barriers to allow the workforce to achieve a yes vote on this ground breaking agreement, and especially supported by senior officials from both the trade unions and the Trust.”

The changes, which come into effect from May 2013, will see Trust staff working hours which suit the operational needs of their area, rather than a standard, Monday to Friday, 37-hour week. This will mean that an individual’s 1,931 working hours will be distributed across the year as needed. 

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