Five Partnership chairs come to the end of their volunteering term

This autumn, the chairs of four of the Trust’s Waterway Partnerships (Manchester & Pennine, North Wales & Borders, South Wales & Severn and West Midlands) plus the chair of our Museums & Attractions Partnership, are coming to the end of their first volunteering term. Each is eligible to apply for reappointment for a second term as part of an open recruitment process.

The Partnership chairs, who have a seat on the Trust’s governing Council, lead a group of local volunteers that help shape plans for their waterway, or our museums, and guide the Trust’s decisions. The Partnerships include people with relevant business experience and expertise in areas like boating, local government, volunteering, fundraising, environment, heritage and community engagement, as well as core waterways and museums experience.

 Each of the positions will be advertised during July with shortlisted candidates invited for interview in early September.  Appointments will be effective from November 2014.

Tony Hales, chairman of the Canal & River Trust, comments: “Our Partnerships have played a crucial role in the formative period of the Trust. The members are all unpaid volunteers and I thank them all for the contribution they have made. Every waterway is different and has its own special role in its community with different challenges and opportunities, and our museums are also unique. The Partnerships have worked with management, using their local knowledge to promote the value of their canals and rivers, and our museums, to establish stronger local relationships that help sustain the network, and to promote a new sense of local involvement and ownership. As volunteers they have a particular empathy with the burgeoning volunteer numbers in the Trust, a group of great importance to our long term future.

“I’d like to thank all of the Chairs for their contribution to date and look forward to the process of recruiting people to these really important roles going forward.”

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