FIVE authorities have joined forces in a bid to stop antisocial behaviour along Boston’s waterways.

FIVE authorities have joined forces in a bid to stop antisocial behaviour along Boston’s waterways.

Sluice Bridge and Anton’s Gowt have been hot spots for irresponsible acts in recent months.Such acts include jumping from the railway bridge, trespassing on moorings and interfering with boats.

British Transport Police, Network Rail, British Waterways, Boston Borough Council’s community safety team and Lincolnshire Police will work together to make offenders aware of the consequences of their actions.

PC Fran Harrod, community beat manager for the Boston urban east neighbourhood policing team, said: “The message from all of us is clear. Think, be safe and heed the warnings. If you don’t, we are all committed to making sure you will be dealt with.”British Transport Police BTP will be responsible for anyone who trespasses onto the railway bridge or tracks.The BTP warns the maximum fine for a trespassing penalty is £1,000 and if a train has to stop as a result of a trespasser then that person could face life imprisonment.

The BTP have recently actioned proceedings against a number of local youths and will work with Network Rail to make the bridges less accessible to trespassers.In an attempt to protect its moorings, Boston Borough Council’s community safety team will be working in partnership with British Waterways to target those who offend at Witham Bank East and Anton’s Gowt.

Warning letters will be issued in the first instance and if the offence is repeated a civil prosecution and a fine of £100 could follow.

Similar letters will also be issued in the marina, yacht club, rowing club and footpaths and banks.If a letter is to be delivered to under-18s it will do so in the presence of their parents or guardians with a warning that further anti-social behaviour could result in an ASBO.

After listening to the concerns from local residents and locals, Lincolnshire Police has drawn the support of the agencies to be able to continue to treat these areas as high priority.

PC Harrod added: “The thoughtless actions of a few have had a major impact on tourism in Boston.”Boat owners are choosing not to visit and moor here amid fears of vandalism and this massive loss in revenue for British Waterways impacts on the whole economy of Boston.”

“Neighbourhood policing teams and response officers will be providing a highly visible patrol to deal with any criminal offences as well as gathering information for enforcement or prosecution.”

Residents and river users will be invited to a series of public meetings in the coming months to discuss a long term plan of education and enforcement.

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