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2 November 2012

Responsible for looking after 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales, the Canal & River Trust has been described as ‘the longest local authority in the country’. As a newly established charity, the trust is making the nation’s canals and rivers more relevant to communities than ever before.

The trust works with hundreds of councils on issues from moorings and parking to planning and flood safety. Maintaining the 200-year-old canal network, including the numerous conservation sites and listed structures, as well as keeping the waterways safe and fun for 12 million boaters and visitors each year, are among our core duties.

But as a new charity – as with local authorities in this economic age – we now need to work with communities more than ever before. This means engaging new groups to support our projects, fundraising in different ways and building partnerships that benefit the wider community, beyond the passionate groups already involved with the waterways.

One example of this is our partnership with five councils to repaint the historic Iron Trunk Aqueduct in Cosgrove, Northamptonshire. A conservation project grew into something much more with local support, extending to local businesses, charities and schools, which helped to provide new interpretation panels for visitors, resurface a car park and create a series of walks. Interest was evident when more than 3,000 people came to our open day to hear about the project.

South Northamptonshire’s economic development strategy recognises the significant impact to the visitor economy, with the Grand Union Canal attracting around 2.6 million visits each year, worth £9.7 million.

We are now delivering a number of similar projects with councils to ensure the canal network contributes positively to the identity, history, tourism and education of local communities well into the future.

James Clifton is Enterprise Manager at the Canal & River Trust.

For more information on the Canal & River Trust visit their website:

Canal & River Trust

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