CRT Update on Trent & Mersey breach

02 October 2012:

Our reviews of the 2 sites affected by the flooding have continued and preparatory works for the repairs at Croxton have commenced this week.

While this is excellent news this will be a difficult project requiring work in the Weaver river to complete it.

While we do not have a detailed programme for the works this will be a number of weeks at least.

The work required at Dutton is far more extensive, and we are currently working with our contracting partners to determine the design for the repair and the likely timeframe required.

We will advise further when we have more information on this.In the coming week we are working to reduce further the length of canal out of water particularly at the Dutton end. When we have a re-watering plan resolved there we will directly inform the customers whose boats are affected.

The canal and towpath remain closed at Croxton from Big Lock to Bridge 179 at Whatcroft, and at Dutton Hollow from Acton Quay at Bridge 209 to Bridge 213.

Between Whatcroft and Acton the canal level is navigable and customers are able to access the services at Anderton.

Anderton Boat Lift remains operational for access to/ from the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us in the last few days with their whereabouts. Clearly people may not be able to continue their journeys as they would have wished. For those within the section between Whatcroft and Dutton we are mapping the available mooring locations and expect to be contacting you about these towards the end of this week. The usual winter moorings at Anderton, Acton and Ollershaw Lane will not be accessible this year to persons outside the isolated section.

If your goal was to travel from the south to the Bridgewater Canal, or are on the Bridgewater Canal with the aim of coming through to Middlewich we would ask you now to take the reverse route around the Cheshire Ring. We acknowledge that this will require additional travelling for you and have to apologise for that.

We have made arrangements with the Bridgewater Canal to relax the constraints of the reciprocal licencing agreement to allow this to happen.

However, for this to apply Bridgewater customers on Trust canals should contact our office at Red Bull 01782 785 703 and advise of the timing of your journey; and returning Trust customers currently on the Bridgewater Canal should contact Mike Webb at their offices 0161 629 8200 to provide the same information.

We have been made aware of some parties wishing to use the Manchester Ship canal as a means of sailing from the isolated section, or to access the main canal network. If you are considering this and wish to be part of a larger group we will be happy to share contact details, but please contact us at Red Bull to facilitate that.Canal & River Trust apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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