Canal & River Trust - Restoring Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge

Restoration of Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge

Over the next 12 months CRT willlbe carrying out a huge engineering project to refurbish the Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge in Cheshire. They’re going to use this page to keep you updated on the progress of this £4.5 million undertaking, so keep checking back for the latest news and pictures.

Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge

The bridge, which carries traffic over the Weaver Navigation, needs extensive restoration so that it can continue to carry its capacity of 40 tonnes. We’re going to repaint the entire bridge to restore its appearance and protect it from the elements. The project will also include the full replacement of the bridge deck and pedestrian walkways.

Project manager Andy Johnson, who has worked for the Trust for 10 years, will be managing the restoration and he’s kindly agreed to keep us updated with the latest developments.

6 August 2013

You may have noticed that there has been plenty of activity around Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge recently in preparation for the major restoration works to the bridge on the River Weaver.

Our contractor May Gurney set up site in June and in the following month (and taking benefit from the good weather) a great deal of progress has been made.

The first thing we did was to prepare either side of the navigation in readiness for putting a temporary two lane bridge across the navigation next to the swing bridge. Road traffic will be diverted onto this bridge while the refurbishment of the swing bridge takes place. The construction works on the Frodsham side are ready and the installation of the temporary bridge across the navigation is progressing well. The work on the Sutton Weaver side is more complex and piles are being installed currently to support the new temporary abutment.

Navigation through the swing bridge is now restricted and a working platform has been installed beneath the bridge. A four-metre width has been maintained beneath the bridge to allow craft with an air draft of less than 2.2m to have access past the works. The working platform is to allow some of the cleaning works to commence in preparation for the repair and repainting.

The photos will give you an idea of the progress being made on site. A time lapse camera has also been put up on site to keep you updated so watch this space.

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