Canal & River Trust – Licensing & Mooring group Update

Mike Annan, chair of the Licensing & Mooring group recently reported:

The Licensing & Mooring group was established when the Navigation Advisory Group first met in September 2012. It comprises of five members from a variety of boating backgrounds. The purpose of the sub group is to advise the Canal & River Trust’s management on issues relation to licensing and mooring. During the last 12 months the group has ensured that its members are fully conversant with the law, policies and practices that apply to this broad area of the Trust’s management of the 2000 miles of canals and river under its guardianship.

The major pieces of work undertaken to date are the South East Visitor Mooring Review and consultation, the review of mooring on the Kennet & Avon recommended by the Local Waterways Partnership and the review of business licences which was subject to recent consultation. In addition we have given guidance on many smaller issues and these are clearly recorded in our minutes which are published on the Trust’s website.

Independent of the Trust, we have undertaken a review of the structure of leisure boat licences and we hope to persuade management that this review be the subject of wider boater consultation to enable the Trust to consider if any appropriate changes should be made to this important aspect of its charging structure. In the future, we also hope to discuss topics which affect boaters’ ability to safely moor on casual 14 day moorings. In particular we’ll be talking about things such as vegetation control, Armco or piling and mooring rings.

via Canal & River Trust Features | Boaters’ Update.

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