Canal & River Trust appoints heritage committee

The Canal & River Trust, the charity that will become the guardian of British Waterways’ 2,000 miles of canals and rivers in England and Wales in 2012, has confirmed appointments to a new committee that will help to protect the heritage of the waterways.

The Canal & River Trust will be responsible for the third largest collection of listed buildings in the UK and the committee of nine people, chaired by former Chairman of English Heritage, Sir Neil Cossons, will provide valuable advice and support on heritage and conservation issues.

The other committee members are: Alan Baxter, Consulting Engineer to St Paul’s Cathedral and member of the London Advisory Committee of English Heritage; Peter Brown, a member of the Council of the Canal & River Trust, having been nominated by the Railway & Canal Historical Society; Nigel Crowe, Head of Heritage for the Canal & River Trust; Edward Holland a Senior Projects Advisor at The Prince’s Regeneration Trust; Stephen Hughes, Director of Projects, Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales; Jane Kennedy narrowboat owner and architect to the cathedrals of Ely, Newcastle and Christ Church, Oxford; Laurence Newman, Chairman of the Museums Partnership of the Canal and River Trust and a member of the Trust’s Council and John Yates, architect, historic boat specialist and Chairman of the Boat Museum Trust and Vice-chairman of the Boat Museum Society.

The committee will play an important role in helping to inform the heritage policies and procedures of the Trust and shaping innovative and forward-thinking approaches to managing the heritage of the waterways. The committee members will also bring with them a wide range of individual specialisms and expertise that can be called upon when required.

Robin Evans, chief executive of the Canal & River Trust, said; “It’s fantastic that such high calibre people have agreed to sit on the Heritage Advisory Committee and is a further demonstration of the broad support that exists for the nation’s waterways and the work of the Canal & River Trust.

“Waterways are part of the fabric of our nation and remain amongst the finest examples of industrial heritage in the country. A fundamental aspect of the Trust’s work will be to protect and conserve this heritage for future generations to enjoy and the impressive wealth of skills and experience that the committee members bring with them will prove invaluable in helping to achieve that.

“We’re very grateful to be working with such knowledgeable and well-respected people who will play an influential role in protecting our waterways and demonstrating their importance to the nation”.

The committee will meet for the first time at the end of May and at least twice yearly from then.

Membership of the committee, which is unpaid, will last for a term of three years with an option to continue beyond that should members wish to do so. The committee will replace the former BWAF Heritage subgroup.

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