Canal & River Trust appoint Freight Advisory Group

November 16th 2012

The Canal & River Trust (CRT) announce that they have appointed David Quarmby CBE as the Chairman of a Freight Advisory Group to help establish our policy on inland waterway freight and provide strategic advice to the executive management on freight issues.

Freight on the River Trent

Mr Quarmby is a respected transport professional with a wealth of experience encompassing business, government, public bodies and academia. Joining him on the Group are practitioners and experts in waterborne freight and the wider freight/logistics industry, including:

Mike Garratt, Managing Director, MDS Transmodal, a logistics consultant with knowledge of all transport modes including inland waterways

Mark Grimshaw-Smith, Head of Rail and Sea freight operations for CEMEX UK

James Hookham, Managing Director, Policy & Communications from the Freight Transport Association

David Lowe, Chairman of the Commercial Boat Operators Association with over 40 years’ experience owning, managing and advising others on water freight businesses, passenger and hire vessels, restaurant boats, boat builders and boat yards

Dr Heather McLoughlin, Director of the Business School at Canterbury Christ Church University and previously Director of Sea & Water with particular knowledge of waterways, freight and logistics

Ian Wainwright, Road Freight Programme Manager at Transport for London and previously Senior Policy Officer for Freight having spent 18 years in the logistics business

David Quarmby comments: “I am delighted to support the Canal & River Trust and assist in developing a sustainable and affordable freight policy for the inland waterways in its care.

“Whilst it is leisure and recreation that underpins much of the canal and rivers’ renaissance, we should not forget that the waterways may still provide a viable, affordable and greener alternative to road transport in certain circumstances, particularly on the larger more commercial waterways.”

Robin Evans, Chief Executive of the Canal & River Trust, adds: “I very much look forward to working with David.  He has a great reputation and standing within the transport and logistics industry and I am delighted he has agreed to take on this role.

“David has assembled an advisory group that brings together people with considerable expertise and knowledge of inland waterway freight operation and those with knowledge of the wider logistics industry. They will help us create the right freight policy. We are fortunate to have engaged so many good people on this and our other advisory groups to provide advice and help shape policy for the nation’s waterways.”

The Freight Advisory Group will be supported by the Trust’s Head of Enterprise (South Wales and Southern England) and the North East Waterway Manager who have practical knowledge and experience of all Trust’s activities and, in particular, freight operations. In addition, John Dodwell, Trustee of the Canal & River Trust, has also been invited to attend the Advisory Group’s meeting because of his great interest and knowledge about waterway freight.

The Group will meet as necessary over the next few months to develop a freight policy. Thereafter it is intended to meet half yearly.  Membership of the committee is voluntary and unsalaried although reasonable expenses will be paid to members.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Draft Freight Policy for the Canal & River Trust once it has been prepared for consultation (which is likely to be in the summer of 2013) please email your contact details to .

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