Canal & River Trust 2013 Licence evasion remains below 4%

The Canal & River Trust’s annual national boat check has revealed that 96.1% of boats on the waterways cared for by the charity hold up-to-date licences. It is the second year running that the figure for licence evasion is below 4% and the fourth year in a row that evasion has been below 5%.

The annual survey was completed in March, with Trust staff visiting over 31,000 boats on waterways in England & Wales. It provides a comprehensive snap-shot of licence evasion, with the information used to support the day-to-day enforcement work carried out by the Trust.

Simon Salem, Canal & River Trust marketing director, said: “It’s positive news that licence evasion has remained below 4%, following the record low of last year. We are now seeing year-on-year consistency, with four consecutive years below 5%, and is particularly encouraging when you consider evasion was over 10% just over five years ago.

“I would like to thank boaters who continue to renew their licences on time, it enables us to save time, effort and ultimately money that can better spent on improving the waterways. We remain committed to reducing the evasion rate in the future and one area of particular focus will be tackling overstaying.”

During 2012/13, the enforcement team removed 72 boats from the network that had failed to obtain a licence or were in breach of other terms and conditions of their licence.

1 comment to Canal & River Trust 2013 Licence evasion remains below 4%

  • Will Chapman

    The Canal & River Trust are to be congratulated for continuing to keep licence evasion down to acceptable levels. There is still room for improvement but current levels are so much better than when they started taking evasion seriously when it was as high as 10%, the equivalent of 3500 boats at perhaps £250-500 each.

    The current level of 4% represents around a 1,000 boats. The press release does raise a possibly disturbing trend – only 31,000 boat are mentioned as being visited – can we infer from that the number of licensed boats is down from the most commonly quoted figure of 35,000? Boats moored in Scotland are no longer included because Scotland is now looking after its own waterways but that would imply that there are 4,000 boats in Scotland which sounds on the high side to me.

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