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  1. Will Chapman
    April 19, 2013

    The Canal & River Trust are to be congratulated for continuing to keep licence evasion down to acceptable levels. There is still room for improvement but current levels are so much better than when they started taking evasion seriously when it was as high as 10%, the equivalent of 3500 boats at perhaps £250-500 each.

    The current level of 4% represents around a 1,000 boats. The press release does raise a possibly disturbing trend – only 31,000 boat are mentioned as being visited – can we infer from that the number of licensed boats is down from the most commonly quoted figure of 35,000? Boats moored in Scotland are no longer included because Scotland is now looking after its own waterways but that would imply that there are 4,000 boats in Scotland which sounds on the high side to me.


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