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We are all grateful for the work that the BW maintenance crews do and when I come across them I make a point of waving and exchanging a few friendly words. Nevertheless, I do sometimes come across examples of poor mooring practice. No doubt some examples are due to vandals releasing lines but others I think are just examples of lack of care.

A couple of days ago on the way down the Bosley flight on the Macclesfield Canal my way was blocked by a work boat that had slipped one of its mooring lines. It took some time – in the pouring rain – to nudge the boat out of the way and then retie the lines as best I could. Last year, I was actually side-swiped by a very heavy boat moored near the Tamworth aqueduct.

It occurred to me that I have seen quite a few such examples over the years so I thought I would set up a poll to see how many other boaters have had similar experiences – you will find the Poll below; why not add your experience(s)? You can choose up to 5 examples.

CRT Workboat mooring habits

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  • Carol J

    Hi, there are a couple of old mudpans moored (loosely) around Apsley on the Grand Union.. one of them is half sunk and both stick out into the canal – probably ok for standard boats but quite a pain for my wide beam, especially the one thats moored almost on top of a lock. Its quite tricky to get the boat past and into the lock without knocking into the mudpan – particularly because its loosley tied, so tends to swing out as we pass …. has been brought to local BW notice several months ago, but no change 🙁

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