British Waterways Pay: Question in Parliament

In Parliament on December 13th 2011, Tristram Hunt (Stoke-on-Trent Central, Labour asked the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what the average percentage change in basic salary was for:

  • (a) directors,
  • (b) the lowest paid member of staff and
  • (c) the median salaried member of staff at British Waterways in the latest period for which figures are available.

According to Hansard (Citation: HC Deb, 13 December 2011, c628W), Richard Benyon (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Natural Environment and Fisheries), Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Newbury, Conservative) replied:

In May 2011, the British Waterways annual pay review resulted in the following changes to basic salary over 2010-11:

(a) for directors: 0%;

(b) for those earning £21,000 and below: £250 consolidated into salary; and

(c) median salaried staff (i.e. those other than at (a) or (b)): 0%.

via British Waterways: Pay: 13 Dec 2011: Hansard Written Answers and Statements – TheyWorkForYou.

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