Association of Continuous Cruisers

The Association of Continuous Cruisers is a newly-formed independent organisation, officially launching on the 27th September 2013. As well as providing support and advice to its members, the Association intends to advocate for the interests of all its members.

Britain’s 5,000 continuous cruisers enjoy a lifestyle that is distinctive due to both the benefits and restrictions that accompany boating without a designated home mooring, which is protected and regulated by Section 17 of the British Waterways Act 1995. The Association of Continuous Cruisers feels that many of the issues that continuous cruisers face (such as access to medical treatment, and the provision of winter moorings) are unique to continuous cruisers, and the Association intends to provide advocacy and support to its members in tackling these and other day-to-day issues.

One of the core tenets of the Association of Continuous Cruisers’ mission is to represent the interests of its members and ensure that the Canal & River Trust hear their voices, by building a positive working relationship with the Trust in perpetuity.

A number of continuous cruisers successfully negotiated with the Canal & River Trust earlier in 2013 to change the allocation process and pricing structure for online winter moorings, resulting in lower-priced winter moorings being available to all continuous cruisers for the winter of 2013/2014.

Lesley Jordan, founder member of the Association of Continuous Cruisers said: “Continuous cruisers make up a small but significant demographic of boaters. Up until now, there has been no formal organisation with the sole purpose of advocating for continuous cruisers, a situation that has weakened the voice and negotiating power of individual continuous cruisers when dealing with the Canal & River Trust and other organisations.”

One of the main aims of the Association of Continuous Cruisers is to raise awareness of the positive role that continuous cruisers play within the wider waterways community, and challenge negative perceptions about the reality of the role of the continuous cruiser.

Richard Parry, Chief Executive of the Canal & River Trust, said: “Continuous cruisers make an important contribution to the life and vibrancy of our waterways and so the creation of the Association of Continuous Cruisers is a positive step forward which we very much welcome. We hope the new Association will help improve communications and mutual understanding between continuous cruisers, the Trust and other boating groups. The more we all work together the more we can improve the waterways we all care for.”

Regular meetings for Association of Continuous Cruisers members will be held across the waterways system, with members and potential members encouraged to keep in touch online, and by spreading the word to other boaters that they meet on their travels. Roving traders such as coal boats and other cruising businesses that cover large parts of the network will also be used to spread the word and keep the Association’s members up to date.

The official launch of the newly-formed Association of Continuous Cruisers on the 27th September 2013 will coincide with the Birmingham Floating Market event on the same date, which is organised by continuous cruisers to highlight the contribution that roving traders make to the canal system.

Anyone wishing further information should contact:


John Sloan:

07759 207 846


Steve Jay:

07888 821 775

Lesley Jordan:

07936 538 100


Louise Yeoman:

07791 651 199


via Association of Continuous Cruisers.

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