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Coal boats back in Stoke at the 21st Etruria Canals Festival.

A sight once common on Stoke’s canals returns this weekend as narrowboats loaded with coal moor up for the Etruria Canals Festival on Saturday 31 May and Sunday 1 June. Two boats, Aquarius and Ilford, dating from 1935 and 1912, will revive memories as they arrive with forty tons of . . . → Read More: Coal boats back in Stoke at the 21st Etruria Canals Festival.


CRT Credit where credit is due…….

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Cill Related Sinkings – A Reminder

There have been 25 sinkings related to cill hang-ups in the past 10 years. Many hire operators and private boaters are aware of the risks but cill related sinkings continue to happen. Another incident occurred recently when a hired narrowboat sunk negotiating a lock. The incident happened when travelling downhill through the lock chamber. . . . → Read More: Cill Related Sinkings – A Reminder

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