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Guardian 'clarifies' its 'social cleansing' article

After publishing an article headlined with the rather emotive phrase ‘social cleansing’, the Guardian today issues a ‘clarification’.

On the surface this looks like responsible journalism but I still think it leaves the story one-sided. The Guardian should have pointed out that – right or wrong – there are rules about over-staying at a . . . → Read More: Guardian ‘clarifies’ its ‘social cleansing’ article

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British Waterways Licence Fee Petition

A petition has been raised to challenge the recent increases in pro-rata license fee payments>

The petition reads:

The purpose of this petition is to challenge British Waterways (BW) recently increased 6 month & 3 month river licence fees to circa 80% of the annual fee & request they return to the pro rata charging . . . → Read More: British Waterways Licence Fee Petition

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Local Waterway Partnerships in the Midlands and North West

16 March 2011

Ahead of next year’s launch of a new waterways charity for England and Wales, British Waterways is currently recruiting people with an interest in their local waterway to advise and influence the management of canals and rivers in both the West Midlands and North West.

The trial ‘Local Partnerships’ will work with . . . → Read More: Trial Local Waterway Partnerships in the Midlands and North West

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Guardian accuses BW of 'socially cleansing' boaters from Olympics area

Using an unfortunately emotive headline, The Guardian has accused BW of ‘socially cleansing’ live-aboard boaters from moorings near to the Olympics site. Unfortunately they haven’t provided a section to allow readers to comment.

In response, BW have issued a statement which says that ‘the consultation for the River Lee Navigation is in response to a . . . → Read More: Guardian accuses BW of socially cleansing Olympics area

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